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Strategic Business Solutions Coronavirus Update

As the world continues to respond to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to personally reach out to you and inform you of what Strategic Business Solutions is doing to ensure the safety and health of our clients and our staff. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the well-being of the communities we are privileged to serve.

We are continuously monitoring updates from health organizations and following their recommendations in this unique time, and we will continue to adapt as circumstances change.

Document Sharing and Strategic Business Solutions Office Meetings Currently all of our offices remain open to the public, but we encourage you to use alternatives to in-person meetings for delivering information or communicating with your Strategic Business Solutions professional.
Our online portal, Sharefile , allows you to share documents quickly and securely with us. If you do not currently have a Sharefile login, please reach out to your Strategic Business Solutions professional. In addition, tax clients can also mail documents to us or utilize fax.




To avoid disruptions in client service, we are continuing to allow client-related travel and on-site meetings to take place where it is necessary. However, we want to work together with you to determine the best approach to meet your needs, while being mindful of safety for your staff and ours. That could include providing services virtually or reducing the number of our staff on-site. Please reach out to your SBS team to talk about the options that make sense for your own situation.




The March 17, 2020 announcement by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will be beneficial to many of you. The changes afford most taxpayers an additional 90 days to pay their federal taxes without any penalties or interest, and certain states may follow suit. The US Treasury provided this relief to individual taxpayers owing less than $1 million and corporations owing less than $10 million. This relief will also apply to the first quarter 2020 estimated tax payments due on April 15, 2020. As with all of you, SBS has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as we look to provide a safe and effective working environment for our employees. These drastic changes may impact our ability to deliver your tax returns in as timely a manner as you may have expected. Please know, however, we are striving to provide that most taxpayers wishing to file by April 15th will be able to do so.


Below is a link to the US Treasury website with additional details:


Our firm has embraced a flexible work place and culture, and we are well-prepared to serve you virtually. As we continue to monitor the situation, you can be assured our dedication to our clients and our communities remains unaffected. Thank you for your trust in us, and we wish all the best for the health of you and those you care about.

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